Why We Exist

We exist because the healthcare industry needs to exist. For those who consume and for those who provide healthcare services. We exist so that we can make this exchange of healthcare services easy and fruitful and can minimize the gap between the two parties. We are amidst an interesting time where healthcare industry around the world is evolving at a fast pace. Its adoption of the technology and internet has picked up huge over the past few years. We at CareKraft are a team of healthcare experts, technologists, designers, and social scientists geared towards a common goal – i.e. to leverage technology and internet in a way that it’s easy for consumers as well as for providers to exchange services.

Our Vision

Carekraft was incorporated with a vision to connect consumers with the healthcare professionals and providers. Today, there exist a gap between the healthcare providers and consumers which can be bridged if technology is leveraged in a right way. Internet being the first thing people use for communication today, holds potential to be the biggest enabler for connecting the healthcare community in an easy way.

We as specialists in the internet and technology area are bridging this gap by building platforms that can enable channels of communication. We specialize in designing products that are easy to use and services that are efficient to bring providers and consumers closer. This is achieved by enabling enriched and frequent communication channels and creating accustomed online presence.

We envision to play an important role in ever evolving modern world of healthcare.

Our Mission

We leap forward with a mission to keep healthcare consumers at the beginning of the journey rather than having them in the center or involving at later stages. Our products and services will ensure secure online self service capability & access to social media channels. We make sure we compliment and work closely with the healthcare providers so that we can enhance their online reputation resulting into an enriched experience for their patients.

Our Values

We exist because of the doctors and patients. Our solutions are tailored to suit your needs and we aim to offer solutions that can make life easier for you and your patients.

We believe in doing the right things no matter what and thus we chose the platform that has immense scope for contributing in to the human kind. We are humble and believe in a happy world. We try our best to delight each one of our client, be it with our deeds or with whatever we can contribute in making your life easier.

We believe in transparency when it comes to business. We are passionate for success but that never comes in our way to honesty. We always strive to be able to make difference to the lives of those who may not have been fortunate enough to access basic healthcare facilities.

Medical is a platform that lets you help those in need and we aim to contribute our bit and make this world a better place for you and for all those looking for some or the other kind of medical attention.

Come! Let’s make this world better and healthy place for all!