Our Perspective

Healthcare industry around the world is ever evolving. With millions of people turning online for their first hand needs, it is imperative they are served with the best of web when they look for information. A huge part of mass is used to enable self service capability in a slick user experience manner, there comes is a significant mismatch in their expectations when it comes to interacting with their healthcare providers online.

As we all know internet has facilitated almost every industry and has simplified many day-to-day activities, there still is a scope for health care industry to catch up with other sectors such as retail, banking, travel, hospitality etc. We at Carekraft are driven towards bridging this gap by offering products and services for healthcare industry that enable enriched communication between the healthcare providers and consumers.

The world was web till a few years ago but now, the world is mobile and there is a huge shift of paradigm from users of desktop devices to mobile users. We understand this change and thus provide products and services that are developed using responsive design and will help providers reach their consumers no matter where they come from.

While there are specific set of challenges for each side of the healthcare industry such as providers, payers and consumers, there are still common underlying challenges across the industry such as absence of enriched communication, self service capability, social media presence etc. We at Carekraft have a track of success with the same set of challenges. We take in hand your online reputation when it is at its infancy and with our expertise and renewed efforts, we mature the online presence to make it shine and make the most of internet.

We deploy each aspect of branding so well that each aspect of your online presence is optimized to its best having visible impact on your practice growth and bottom-line. We follow an integrated approach towards building and optimizing online presence for healthcare professionals so that they are able to cater to their consumers with the exact same high standard of quality of services which they have been looking for.