CareKraft for Doctors

As a Doctor, CareKraft sets the stage for you to establish and enhance your online presence. You can now recognize yourself by having an informative profile on CareKraft by including important details about your practice, hours, office address, awards, education, insurance etc. Now your patients can book appointments with a click per their own convenience, you can send reminders about upcoming appointments, request your patients to leave a review about their visit, encourage them to refer their family & friends and many more features all from one place, CareKraft with a click of a button.

CareKraft also establishes Social Media presence for you by creating branded pages on popular social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & Google+ by keeping them current with automatic feeds. Doctor can also send requests for any pending payments, send & receive secure messages, refer patients to other specialist in the area and much more!

  • Doctor Profile: As a listed doctor on CareKraft you have an access to create a personal profile for you & your practice for free. You include all relevant details about your practice that patients can review to educate themselves and make an informed decision to choose you as their preferred provider.On your profile you can open up slots that are visible to the patient to book online appointment. Profile will also show your reviews & ratings and insurances you accept.
  • Online Appointment Booking with a Click: Your new or existing patients can now book appointments with you at their own convenience for the time that works best for them instead of calling your office. Patients can search for doctors in their zip codes depending upon the specialty, insurance and several other advanced search options.
  • Automated & Frequent Communication with Patients: Facilitating frequent and timely communication between your office and patient is one of the main purposes of CareKraft. Once patient books an online appointment and as the appointment date gets closer, a notification via an email and/or text message is sent to the patient. Annual exams visits, regular follow-up visits reminders are also sent by the CareKraft system automatically with no dependency on your staff.Your office will be also be able to send newsletters, holiday or birthday wishes via email to all its patients automatically through the CareKraft system.
  • Patient Reviews : Once your patient has seen you, she can leave a review about her visit or you can send a request to leave a review.
  • Patient Referrals : CareKraft can automatically send referral requests to patients so that they can refer their friends & family. Patients can forward the referral request to them and you will be able to track the activity behind the scenes and see how your patient referrals grow.
  • Social Media Presence : Now patients have an option to seek out to their favorite doctors using popular social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & Google+. CareKraft establishes the Social Media presence for you by creating branded social media pages and keep them current by setting up automated feeds and posts.
  • Doctor to Doctor Referral : While the CareKraft system allows patients and doctors to be on the same page of communication through frequent and timely communication, it also offers another very important feature where primary doctors’ can look-up a specialist on the CareKraft and refer the patient to the specialist by booking an appointment, and also sharing the medical history of the patient.Now your patients no longer need to worry about looking for a specialist, calling their office to request an appointment! Instead Doctor to Doctor referral feature of CareKraft makes this easy & seamless that the appointment with the specialist can be booked without any delay.
  • Secure Messaging : Through CareKraft, you can send and receive secure messages from your patients. CareKraft is HIPAA compliant and encrypts all patient information as per the 256 encryption standards.